you should attend ibw '17 if...

India Blockchain Week being launched in London at the Fintech Week '17

India Blockchain Week being launched in London at the Fintech Week '17

  1. You are a decision maker belonging to the Banking, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail or Logistics industry.

    While the Financial Services industry has been the first one to be disrupted by Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology, there are a number of use cases in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and Logistics industries that not only bring higher transparency in processes, but also drastically reduce costs. 
  2. You are part of a consulting firm

    Blockchain and DLT are of extreme strategic importance for top consulting firms throughout the world. India Blockchain Week has a strong focus on Blockchain applications in real word scenarios. 
  3. You want to launch an ICO

    India Blockchain Week is expected to have over 1000 attendees over the week. What better platform to showcase your work? Oh, and we almost forgot to mention the investors and HNI's who would be at the event. 
  4. You trade or want to trade Cryptocurrencies

    Cryptocurrencies have become a phenomenon worldwide. But how does the price of a cyrptocurrency change? What factors should you consider while investing in a particular currency? Understand the nuances of Crypto Trading at India Blockchain Week.
  5. You simply want to learn more about Blockchain Technology applications

    India Blockchain Week is the 16th edition of the International Blockchain Conference. Past editions have been held in London, New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong among others. Some of the top minds around the world, working in the Blockchain space are attending the conference as speakers. Need we say more?